Account holder's name here at West End Animal Hospital *
Account holder's name here at West End Animal Hospital
Standard boarding services:
- Room cleaning twice daily or as needed during your pet's stay. - Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach diet and fresh water are provided at no additional cost to you. - If your pet is on a therapeutic diet, please bring it with you, if possible. - Outdoor playtime and leash walking three times daily (weather permitting) for dogs at no additional cost to you. - Daily routine medications will be administered per your request at no additional cost to you. If you don't bring enough medication with you, we can refill as needed. As we have an abundance of bedding, blankets, and toys, please don't bring them with you, if you want them back. Those items might be in the laundry when you pick up your pet, and there are no guarantees that we will be able to efficiently locate and return them upon checkout. Also, we would prefer that you do not leave leashes and collars for similar reasons. If your pet has a medical condition where he/she is only to be walked on a harness or other special apparatus, please DO bring that with you.
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Check-out Date
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Pleas select any additional services you would like your pet to receive. (Select all that apply).
Fresh water and Hills Science Diet Sensitive Stomach are provided. If you have your pet on a special diet, please list the feeding instructions here and remember to bring enough for the length of your pet's stay.
Please List: (Medication/supplement name) - Followed by dosage and interval, as well as any other specifics.
In the unlikely event your pet experiences a medical emergency during its stay, we will always try to contact you first. However if multiple attempts to contact you fail, please indicate a maximum dollar amount we are allowed to stabilize and/or treat your pet. (Above the pre-determined boarding fees)
Acknowledgement of terms and conditions to board your pet at West End Animal Hospital *
All pets must have been examined by one of our doctors within the last 365 days. Due to the zoonotic risk and the risk of infecting other animals, all boarding pets must have had a negative fecal parasite test within the last 90 days and be current on their vaccinations upon boarding. The fecal test requirement may be waived if the pet is on heart worm preventive. If proof of vaccination within the last 12 months cannot be provided, we will administer the vaccinations upon check in at our regular rate.
Canine Influenza Virus Vaccine *
Beyond the core vaccinations, as of October 2011, we require all dogs to be vaccinated against the Canine Influenza Virus to board in our facility.
Flea Control *
All pets will be checked for fleas upon admission and be treated as needed to prevent infesting other patients in the hospital (additional fees apply by the pet's weight). If your pet's stay is going to overlap its monthly flea / heart worm prevention administration date, feel free to include it on the medication list and bring it with you and we will administer it for you at no charge.
By typing my full name in the box below, I am declaring that I am the owner /agent for the pet listed above and can make medical and financial decision for said pet. I understand that all invoices are due and payable upon check-out.